Event Bartender

Position Purpose:

The Classic Catering people, the premier off-site catering company located in Owings Mills is seeking an outgoing experienced bartender to join our Hospitality Team. This position will work in some of the most unique venues in the Baltimore area.


  •  Working together with the Account Executive, Party Manager and team of Servers and Bartenders to ensure excellent service for the guests at the event.
  • Being positive and upbeat in order to ensure a hospitable and positive atmosphere for the event from start to finish.
  • Exhibiting the willingness and ability to work both in front of house and back of house environments.
  • Assisting with unloading of the truck, set up of the event, breakdown of the event and reloading of the truck in an orderly and careful manner.
  • Setting up the bar to ensure the appearance is inviting and remains clean and pristine during the event.
  • Pouring and mixing drinks upon guest request. Possess the ability to anticipate the guests needs and make recommendations upon request.
  • Having knowledge and understanding of the drinks being served at the event in order to assist guests if they have questions.
  • Having the ability to recognize the signs of intoxication and take the necessary and appropriate actions in the case where a guest has had too much to drink and should no longer be served.
  • Ensuring you are serving only guests who are at least 21 years of age, properly carding individuals requesting alcoholic beverages and having the ability to recognize a fake ID and take the necessary action. If you are in doubt you are expected to consult with a Bar Manager or Party Manager for assistance.
  • Possess the willingness and ability to work in a Banquet Server capacity should the event not require a Bartender or should the needs of the event require you to work in that capacity.
  • Maintains clear and enthusiastic communication, through words and body language, with guests when interacting with them.
  • Be attentive to guests, always anticipating their needs for assistance and offering assistance to guests before they have to ask for it. This includes being alert to and having the ability to recognize guest signals (i.e. raising a hand, looking directly at you, etc.), and acknowledging the guest so they know you will be right with them.


  • We are looking for someone who has 2 years of bartending experience, preferably in a banquet setting. TIPS certification is preferred.