All Hands on Deck

It takes a village to host the perfect event, and you deserve to know the people who will make it happen like clockwork.

Heads of the Table

Our principles. Our leaders. Our friends. These are the people who chart Classics’ vision and hold the company to the highest possible standard.

Harriet Dopkin, Owner / Chief Inspiration Officer

Extension 1322 / HDopkin@ClassicCatering.com

Cooking since she was eight years old, Harriet has had a life full of culinary adventure. After pursuing a degree in the Classics at St. Johns, she went on to study the culinary arts in both the United States and Japan. Backed by an ever-expanding library of cookbooks, great food reads, travels and collaborations with culinary friends, Harriet loves to introduce new flavors, cooking techniques and producers to Classic’s kitchen. She enjoys gardening, experimenting with different heirloom vegetables and sharing them with family and friends.

Favorite food: Anything made with love (and truffles).
Surprising fact: Has discovered that pickle ball is almost as much fun as tennis.

Christopher Meaker, President / CEO

Extension 1435 / CMeaker@ClassicCatering.com

Since he was young, watching his mother and grandmother cook their favorite Polish recipes for family celebrations, Chris had known the food and hospitality business was where he wanted to be. He loves the process of planning an event, from the listening to the inspiring to being there to watch the smiles.

Beverage of choice: Tim Horton’s Dark Roast
Surprising fact: Canadian born, Texas Raised.

Larry Frank, Partner / Executive Vice President Business Development

Extension 1321 / LFrank@ClassicCatering.com

From a summer spent in Ocean City, MD at the Carousel Hotel in 1977, Larry hasn’t stopped working in the catering and restaurant business. His experience has provided a knack for planning and executing the logistics and off-premise catering as well as a high level of service and creating an exemplary experience for guests.

Favorite quote: “If you make someone laugh every day, if you learn something every day, if you teach something every day and if you thank someone every day… then you will have a great day.” – adapted from my father, Stanley Frank.

Favorite food: Pickles

Ronnie Ching, Executive Vice President / Operations

Extension 1430 / RChing@ClassicCatering.com

Born and raised in Baltimore, Ronnie began his hospitality journey as a prep cook at the renowned Pimlico Hotel. Ronnie worked his way to become one of the area’s finest chefs – and the executive chef at Classic for almost three decades! After a brief departure,  Ronnie returned to Classic as our Vice President Operations for seven years, overseeing the day to day operations of the company.

Through his experiences in all areas of the hospitality industry, Ronnie is now Classic’s Executive Vice President / Operations where he supports the CEO and the entire Classic Team.

Favorite food: anything Italian

Surprising fact: he’s superstitious

The Event Producers

Our Account Executives have feet on the ground and phones in their hands at all times, as they handle every detail that goes into organizing and executing hundreds of events a year.

Katelyn West, Classic To Go Manager

Extension 1358 / KWest@ClassicCatering.com

Katelyn knew from an early age that she wanted to be involved in the hospitality industry. She started out around 8 or 9 and turning her dining room into a restaurant, making a menu (hot dog, cheese sandwich or spaghetti-o’s) and sending her older brother in as the server to take her parents’ orders. She takes care of her clients at Classic as well as her restaurant guests, taking care of all of their Classic To Go catering needs.

Favorite food: Grilled Cheese!

What would someone be surprised to know about you? I love all types of crafts and I’ve ran a successful online Etsy shop for the last 8 years.
I am overly confident in myself when it comes to crafting and anything using my hands.

Kelly Girard

Extension 1356 / KGirard@ClassicCatering.com

Kelly strives to deliver a party that exceeds every wish, and treasures her relationships with her clients. A long history in hospitality has given her experience with all types of events from plane charters to galas.

Favorite food: Kit Kat

Beverage of choice: h2o

Bobby Pressman

Extension 1317 / BPressman@ClassicCatering.com

For over two decades, clients have been praising Bobby’s results-oriented focus as well as attention to detail, infinite patience and responsiveness. He credits the amazing and talented support team at The Classic Catering People. All we know is that when his clients say things like “Thanks for a phenomenal job” and “He took a ton of stress off my shoulders,” we all look good.

Lynn Piette

Extension 1352 / LPiette@ClassicCatering.com

As our resident wedding specialist, Lynn prides herself on listening skills and special rapport with brides. While planning her own daughter’s wedding was her most memorable Classic event, Lynn treats all of her clients like family. Which explains why her corporate and wedding clients alike use words like “amazing” and “incredible” to describe her.

Beverage of choice: A really good margarita or red wine.

Favorite quote: “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” -Princess Diana

Terri Young

Extension 1319 / TYoung@ClassicCatering.com

Early on in her career, Terri was afforded the opportunity to be part of the evolution of a new restaurant concept in the South. From the menu to the décor to the training of the service team, her experiences in fashion, etiquette, and corporate administration all culminated into an amazing beginning to her hospitality journey She loves the “first moments”, the first time a couple sees their reception venue metamorphosis, the first bite, the first dance and loves to wow her clients while bringing their vision to life.

What is your beverage of choice? A bold Italian red. To match my lipstick.

What does hospitality mean to you? Hospitality is genuine—it’s a feeling of contentment that comes from the warmth of being treated special.

Jenny Gaintner, Account Executive

Extension 1412 / JGaintner@ClassicCatering.com

Learning to mix a martini at a young age and having a love for cooking and hosting made the service industry a natural place for Jenny to land for her career. She loves to see an event through from the initial concept to its completion leading to lasting relationships with clients and vendors. To Jenny, hospitality means providing an experience that becomes a memory to make someone smile.

Favorite Food: I LOVE pretzels, I even have one tattooed on my arm

Favorite quote: Life is Hard by the Yard by the Inch it’s a Cinch (not sure who said it originally but my father used to say it to me all the time)

Gail Kaplan, Business Development Leader


Gail was born into the business. Her father owned Nate & Leon’s on North Ave. and she went there until she was 8 years old, playing behind the deli counter.  Her father then bought The Pimlico Hotel where she started working when she was 11 & the rest is history! Gail is a people-pleaser and her adrenaline starts flowing at every job, welcoming the guests and providing services to them to help make their experience perfect.

Favorite food? Sirloin steak, medium rare & a baked potato

Beverage of choice? Vodka martini, no vermouth

Ellen Brook, Classic To Go

Extension 1313 / EBrook@ClassicCatering.com

When she was a little girl on trips to NYC with her mother, Ellen would walk through the Plaza Hotel and Waldorf Astoria in awe, leading her to want to work in a restaurant or hotel. She loves helping perfect menus for events and has become a friendly face (or voice on the phone) to our Classic To Go clients.

What is your favorite food?          Fresh Eastern Peaches  (Only Eastern, never from  California)

What is your beverage of choice?  My homemade Sangria

Eileen Miles, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Extension 1326 / EMiles@ClassicCatering.com

As part of the Classic team, Eileen loves working with professionals that truly care what they do. She’s grateful for the business connections that she’s made that will last a lifetime. Eileen genuinely cares about the people she encounters and following through with promises and exceeding clients’ expectations.

What is your favorite food? Lambchops w/ mint and M& M’s (preferably not together)

What would someone be surprised to know about you? I wanted to be a Gym Teacher but my Dad said to go into the business school at American University where I was the First woman to be accepted in the school of Business

Mark Eisenhardt, Account Executive

Extension 1316 / MEisenhardt@ClassicCatering.com

Mark fell in love with weddings while attending a culinary course in high school. After high school, he dreamed of being a chef but during his time at Johnson and Wales University,he realized he was more interested in perfecting events. Now, 17 years later, his love for this industry is evident in everything from designing to coordinating.

What is your favorite food? My mom’s Chicken Divan.

Favorite quote? “Positive thoughts equal positive outcomes.”

Behind the Scenes

While our events and culinary team are client-facing, what you don’t see are all the amazingly organized and talented teams who help make every event happen behind the scenes — from accounting to marketing.

Juliet Diaz, Director of People and Culture

Extension 1353 / JDiaz@ClassicCatering.com

Juliet Diaz learned that people were the driving force to a company’s success at a young age as an advocate for her parents. She loves People & Culture because she likes being a balance for the business and the employee, dabbling in the grey to drive results and get people within the organization to lead change. She enjoys implementing hospitality within the workspace, making everyone feel at home and providing a memorable experience from beginning to end.

A surprising fact: I love motorcycles, driving fast and free

Beverage of choice:  Coca Cola

Michael Cole, Controller

Extension 1323 / MCole@ClassicCatering.com

Since he was in high school, Michael knew he wanted to be in accounting because he appreciated the idea of providing meaningful and accurate information that can be used to help the business succeed. And he does! We also know that he uses his ac-counting skills while counting strokes on the golf course.

Favorite food: Macaroni & Cheese

Favorite quote: If you give me 4 hours to chop down a tree, I will spend 3 hours sharpening my ax – Abraham Lincoln

Tenille Moore, Director, Ravens Food Service

410.701.4091 / TMoore@ClassicCatering.com

Tenille first realized her passion for culinary around high school when planning a tea party for her mom and her friends. She enjoyed preparing all the food served and discovered a passion for food service. She loves working at “The Castle” because no day is ever the same. Her goal is to make sure that everyone feels welcome and important.

What would someone be surprised to know about you?

Many would be surprised to know that I am an MS warrior. I was diagnosed with this eight years ago. However, I have not let this diagnosis stop me from thriving, and living my best life.

Favorite quote?  “You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.”-Anthony Bourdain

Eric Blass, Director of Purchasing

Extension 1331 / EBlass@ClassicCatering.com

Eric has been working in the restaurant and hospitality industry since he was 14 doing everything from dishwashing to bussing tables, to opening and operating restaurant kitchens and food trucks.  He’s passionate about food and wants to be a part of creating meals that people will remember for years to come.


Favorite food:

Any sort of stuffed and wrapped food.  Everything from Agnolotti, Empanadas, Soup Dumplings to Lumpia.

Favorite Quote:

“Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats” – Voltaire

The Culinary Masters

Both purists and professionals, our talented team of chefs bring an eclectic, worldly taste straight to thousands of tables in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and beyond.

Jerome Dorsch, Executive Chef

410.356.1666 / JDorsch@ClassicCatering.com

Chef Jerome started cooking at a very young age and hasn’t stopped. He spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his German grandmother and his little brother picking up different techniques and developing his own taste. He brings plenty of experience and flavor from his past positions from different restaurants throughout Baltimore & DC.

Interesting fact: Huge sports card collector and I collect both sports and horror movie memorabilia/autographs with my wife

Favorite food: Any kind of street food or a good Authentic Italian cold cut

Casey Donovan, Executive Chef, Ravens Food Service

410.701.4091 / CDonovan@ClassicCatering.com

As the Executive Chef at the Baltimore Ravens Under Armour Performance Center, Chef Casey loves being able to work in a collaborative environment where she is able to showcase her skill set and culinary knowledge.

Beverage of choice: A nicely paired wine with my meal.

Favorite quote: “A positive mind set brings positive things”